The Tiger Trail School

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The Tiger Trail School has been in existence since August 2001. We have 15 PreK classes. Each classroom has a certified teacher and an assistant. We also have several support staff members on-site to provide additional services to the children as needed. Our school hours are from 8:15am-2:15pm Monday through Friday.

Pre-K in SBISD

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Limitless Curiosity starts here!

What do our pre-K parents have to say about prekindergarten in SBISD?
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Limitless Curiosity starts here! (Spanish)

The Tiger Trail School

Establishing a Schedule*

Schedules give children a sense of structure throughout their day, so they can anticipate when specific activities will occur and how long they will be engaged in these activities. This sense of anticipation helps children begin to regulate their attention and emotions. It gives them a plan for their daily routine.  

To best use a daily schedule:

  • List each activity with a picture (time is optional)
  • Draw children's attention to the schedule as activities change
  • Have children refer to the schedule to identify what activity comes next, and
  • Post the daily schedule at the children's eye level

*From Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, 2015

SBISD Daily Schedule Expectations